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Water requests before Sturbridge

Proposed gas/service station at Rom's site again discussed

August 17, 2009
STURBRIDGE — Bertin Engineering's Mike Loin is becoming a fixture at the Sturbridge Senior Center.

Following up on an ongoing public hearing with the Planning Board, which entered its fourth session last Tuesday, Loin met with the Board of Selectmen on Monday to again discuss the fate of 173 Main St.

The parcel, which consists of approximately 44 percent of the parking lot outside the former Rom's Restaurant on Route 131, is currently owned by JCJ Realty Trust. Before the town is a proposal for a gasoline/service station and convenience store on the property. Loin was before the Selectmen this week to request an additional 607-gallon-per-day allocation of water to the locale.

Loin explained that little more than 800 gallons of water would be used by the facility each day under the heaviest circumstances. With 200 gallons already allocated to the parcel, Loin explained the additional 600 gallons should have come with the land.

By selling off 44 percent of the parking lot, Loin said the restaurant facility can never operate at the same capacity as it once did, therefore using less water if it were to reopen.

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