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Arrests a break in string of B&Es?

At least one of three suspects arrested late Sunday night in connection with a breaking and entering at this Dunkin Donuts on Route 20 in Sturbridge, is a person of interest in similar investigations in half a dozen other towns. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
August 05, 2009
Three arrests made in Auburn over the weekend led to breaks in a number of outstanding cases throughout Worcester County.

Larry Berry, 52, Shawn Shavies, 43 and Julie Tierney-Arscott, 40, all of Worcester, were arrested just before midnight Sunday, Aug. 2 in connection with a breaking and entering in Sturbridge — which took place literally minutes before the three were apprehended.

According to the police report, a burglar alarm from the 469 Main St. Dunkin Donuts was received by Sturbridge police just before 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

At 11 p.m., Sturbridge Officer Joseph Lombardi, who was on scene at Dunkin Donuts with Sgt. Michael Blanchard and Officer Hillary Dadault, was called away to a traffic stop on Route 12 in Auburn at the suggestion of Auburn Detective Eric Dyson who had heard a BOLO (be-on-the-look-out) announcement from Sturbridge and believed the subjects that were pulled over may be involved with the Dunkin Donuts incident.

The grey 2003 Nissan Pathfinder was initially pulled over for a marked lanes violation and an equipment violation, as the rear passenger side brake light was out.

Auburn police, with the assistance of Massachusetts State Troopers, located a pry bar, tire iron, flashlight, gloves and a substantial amount of rolled pennies in the vehicle.

Dunkin Donuts management reported $50 in rolled pennies had been stolen from the Sturbridge location.

"Auburn made the initial arrest," explained Sturbridge Detective Mark Saloio. "They detained the individuals for us."

The occupants of the Pathfinder, which included one individual that was not involved with the break in, were transported to the Sturbridge Public Safety Complex for further interrogation.

The uninvolved party, who joined Berry, Shavies and Tierney-Arscott after the break at Dunkin Donuts, told police Berry said, "Oh look, the cops are there," as they passed the Route 20 location moments after the break.

Berry, who was already on probation for a previous infraction and had additional existing warrants, was later identified as a person of interest in similar break-ins in at least six different towns, including Auburn, Spencer, Leicester, Worcester, Shrewsbury and Medway.

In Spencer, Berry is being looked at in connection with a break in at Dairy Queen on Route 9 and in Leicester, Berry is suspected to be involved with another Dunkin Donuts break.

Detective Sgt. Jeffrey A. Lourie of the Auburn Police indicated Berry may also have been involved with a break in at a Dunkin Donuts in that town too.

"We applied for, and sought warrants," Lourie said. "When he was arrested, I believe those warrants were served as well."

Shavies told police that he and Berry had "cased" at least two of the locations in question, and admitted, during the Sturbridge incident, to waiting in the Romaldo's Restaurant parking lot while Berry entered the neighboring Dunkin Donuts.

Shavies also indicated that another individual he refused to identify to police may be involved with the breaks.

Berry, Shavies and Tierney-Arscott were all arraigned in Dudley District Court on Monday, Aug. 3. All three were charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony, vandalism, larceny under $250, and conspiracy. Shavies and Tierney-Arscott were also charged with possession of a burglarious instrument.

While Tierney-Arscott was released on personal recognizance, Berry and Shavies are each being held on $25,000 cash bail. The trio is due back in court on Sept. 2 for pretrial hearings.

Because of the number of communities allegedly affected by Berry — and possibly the others — the investigation has been turned over to First Assistant District Attorney Ed Karcasinas.

"I think what they're doing is they're planning some type of grand jury action for the near future, then Ed Karcasinas will let us know what he wants to do with that," Saloio suggested.

Because of jurisdiction rules, Lourie said, "[Berry will] have to be arraigned in Central District Court in regards to the charges in Worcester and Auburn."

Spokesman for the Worcester County District Attorney's office Tim Connolly declined to comment on the investigation, saying, "As a practice, the DA's office doesn't talk about the grand jury."

News staff writer Christopher Tanguay may be reached at (508) 909-4132, or by e-mail at ctanguay@stonebridgepress.com.

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