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Caught up in the downturn

SIHN making changes to help homeless

SIHN Director Laura Kaplan cradles the baby son of one of her residents on the porch of Grace House. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
July 10, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Every few days, a major media outlet reports that the bad economy has claimed hundreds or thousands more jobs.

What they only rarely mention is that some of the people now unemployed also lose their homes.

Laura Kaplan and the staff of Grace House see some of those people, and hear from more.

"We get a couple calls a week from people who are about to lose their homes or have had to double up with other people," Kaplan, the director of the Southbridge Interfaith Hospitality Network (SIHN), said. " Doubling up with family is often more comfortable [than seeking help], but your family's family's lease is at risk. It's really hard to put two families in a two-bedroom apartment, but that's what's happening."

See Friday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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