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Guilty plea in murder

Southbridge man killed son's mother

Chelsea Frazier is shown cuddling with her son, Alijah. Frazier was shot to death in New York last year. Her estranged boyfriend, the father of her son, has admitted hiring his cousin to shoot her. File photo. (click for larger version)
July 09, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Almost a month ago, Carlos Cruz, of 166 High St., pled guilty to first-degree murder in a Bronx, N.Y., courtroom, claiming in the New York Post that a "murderous love" for his son led him to kill the boy's mother, Chelsea Frazier.

But her sister, Corey Plouffe, argues that viewpoint is junk.

"He found any possible reason not to take his son. He even paid Mom to baby-sit him," she said Tuesday. "He wanted nothing to do with [his son]."

That boy, Alijah, is now being raised by Chelsea's parents, Robin and Ray Snow, and Robin said the Cruz family has never expressed any interest in seeing Alijah.

See Thursday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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