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Lazo to take Council helm

Vecchia named vice chair over Livengood

July 06, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — The Town Council swore in this year's election winners and selected new leaders to kick off its 36th session last Thursday.

She noted, however, some concern about Lazo and Vecchia tending to vote on the same side of issues, and said a desire for balance between the chair and vice chair was why she wanted Lazo to be vice chair last year.

Lazo said he sees the council's top two priorities for this year as seeing through the charter review process, which is mandated every five years, and finishing the water agreements with Charlton. Regarding the former, there was some confusion over whether the chairman appoints the review commission members or whether they should be elected by popular ballot. In fact, charter Section 5 indicates the former is true; the commission has five members and a year to complete its review. Afterward, the chairman appoints a similar bylaw review committee under the same time constraints.

Any charter changes need to go to the voters for approval.

See Monday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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