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'We could be those two votes'

Why people chose not to cast ballots

In the Armory, election worker Ashley Peña checks in a voter. G. (click for larger version)
July 02, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — What if they held an election and nobody voted?

Things weren't really that bad; Tuesday's town election attracted 2,130 voters, the most in many years. But with 12,110 people registered, that means more than 80 percent still didn't vote — and that doesn't even consider the adults who could be registered, but aren't.

Take Justine Carlson. Encountered outside Central Market, she said she just turned 18 and did register, but did not know there was an election going on. That's despite the fact a polling place is literally a stone's throw across the parking lot and several people had just been holding candidate signs nearby.

To her, the town government could "be more out there" to attract young voters, including advertising elections in schools.

See Thursday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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