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Words to live by: 'Leave it to the pros'

Police gearing up for the Fourth

Nick Ramos of TNT Fireworks shows off one of the many different sizes of prepackaged firework sets, that tempt Massachusetts residents from its location less than a mile into Connecticut, where some personal pyrotechnics are legal. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
July 02, 2009
Nothing says Fourth of July more than a cookout with friends on a hot summer afternoon, topped off with a bright display of those traditional Independence Day decorations — fireworks.

And who doesn't love fireworks? On-duty law enforcement officials, perhaps, within the borders of a state that does not allow them — off-duty opinions may vary.

Local police departments throughout Worcester County are preparing for the holiday weekend that presents unique issues.

"Mixing the liquor and the fireworks just compounds the opportunity for someone getting hurt," said Officer Gregory Daniels of the Dudley Police Department.

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