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Technology vs cancer

HMH center opens doors

Clinic administrator Michele Schumann discusses the linear accelerator in its lead-lined, underground treatment vault. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
July 01, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — The major words relating to the disease are millennia old, but treatments for cancer in Southbridge just joined the 21st century.

Last week, the new Cancer Center at Harrington opened its doors, making radiation therapy available to area residents.

A visitor to the new building initially sees offices that look like any other medical site — the waiting area, sliding glass window, the traditional exam rooms. But go deeper into the first floor and you'll start seeing things that look like they'd fit in at NASA — the big toroidal CT scanner, the bank of computers that might launch a shuttle, and, behind the four-inch-thick lead door, the radiotherapy machine itself, a linear accelerator which rotates around a patient in the bed.

See Wednesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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