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Daoust: 'Southbridge is part of my blood'

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Madaline Daoust (click for larger version)
June 26, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Town Clerk Madaline Daoust hopes the town's voters will see her experience as more important than the few controversies she's been in during her six years on the job.

"I felt bad there were people out there who actually think I'm not doing a good enough job they'd put up opposition," she said, referring to John Pulawski's challenge for the seat June 30.

Their contest is one of three on the annual ballot — the other two being Town Council (nine candidates) and School Committee (five).

Daoust specifically talked about two issues some have raised. One was an incident a couple years ago where she opened a ballot box to retrieve a misplaced voter list. She admitted she should have waited for a police officer to be present, but denied any ill intent.

See Friday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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