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Pulawski: 'I'm not going to be in any fights'

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John Pulawski (click for larger version)
June 25, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — For John Pulawski, approaching Election Day is a lot like studying for final exams, as he tries to cram for a subject he admits having little experience with.

"I really hope the town gives me the opportunity to prove myself," he said. "I want even my political enemies to be proud of the work I do in the Town Clerk's office."

Of course, that hope has a major barrier — the office's two-term holder, Madaline Daoust, who hopes to keep the job. The Pulawski-Daoust contest is one of three on the June 30 town ballot, the others being the Town Council (nine candidates) and School Committee (five).

Most Town Hall watchers know Pulawski as a person who is not afraid to express his opinions, usually regarding the landfill and related subjects. He acknowledged that would essentially have to end if he wins next week.

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