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DeMartino: Town should 'freeze spending'

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Stephanie DeMartino (click for larger version)
June 17, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — People who follow this paper's letters to the editor have seen the name Stephanie DeMartino.

She's well known as a passionate writer. Now she wants to bring that passion to the Town Council and is one of the nine names on the June 30 ballot for three seats.

DeMartino faces off against incumbents Laurent McDonald and David Livengood; prior candidates George Chenier, Rinaldo Bernardone and Ron Proulx; and fellow newcomers Hector Delgado, Dennis Martinek and Denise Clemence. The third incumbent whose seat is up this year, Robert King, bowed out of the race May 29.

Since just New Year's Day, DeMartino has written the News letters on extended learning time, the town Web site being out of date, scarlet fever, cancer, special needs funding, traffic lights and water/sewer rates, among other issues. A discussion of her campaign follows a similar path, touching on various issues but with closer focus on the economy, schools, the landfill and the industrial park road.

See Wednesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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