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ELT vote rescinded after ruling

Lawyer: 'The School Committee acted improperly'

June 12, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — ELT is dead. For real, this time.

After receiving a legal opinion from attorney Dean Moschos stating that its May 21 vote approving the extended learning time program was done improperly and would therefore be subject to later challenge, the School Committee voted 4-3 Tuesday evening to rescind that approval.

According to Chairman Jack Jovan, a five-page letter from Moschos said Robert's Rules of Order, the standard guide for how government meetings are conducted, requires reconsideration of a previous vote to happen at the same or next scheduled meeting. In this case, however, the original vote rejecting ELT happened April 28, but it was brought up only for discussion — not a new vote — May 12, and then actually re-voted May 21.

At that meeting, member Scott Lazo challenged the decision as a violation of Robert's Rules.

See Friday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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