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Fest booth mea culpa

Town clerk challenger angry at exclusion

June 10, 2009
Economic Development Director Sandy Acly was all apologies earlier this week after she mistakenly allowed one candidate to have a SouthbridgeFest booth but not an opponent.

Last Saturday, festival-goers may have seen several candidates for this month's town election roaming the crowd, but only one of them actually had a tent — Town Clerk Madaline Daoust. That prompted some ire at Monday's Town Council meeting from Stephanie Anderson, wife of Daoust's opponent John Pulawski.

During Citizen's Forum, Anderson said Acly had apologized for the incident but it "should be investigated."

Daoust essentially declined to comment, saying, "I paid my fees fair and square. I'm not going to play their games."

Check out Friday's Southbridge Evening News for the full story.

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