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Police budget down $75,000 in Sturbridge

Chief: TM vote 'sign of the times'

June 10, 2009
STURBRIDGE — After cutting funds for the Police Department by nearly $75,000, voters accepted the town's fiscal 2010 budget.

"As everybody's aware we continued our Annual Town Meeting from the last Monday in April to tonight so we could get a better financial picture," Town Administrator James Malloy said.

As of Monday's meeting, the state had still not finalized a budget, although both the House and Senate had completed their individual spending plans — the House recommending $3,050,000 in allocations for Sturbridge and the Senate $3,135,000.

"We took an average of the two, the Senate number and the House number," Malloy said, explaining the rationale behind calculations.

See Wednesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage.

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