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Town planning to finish Torrey Road

Informational meetings to be held Sept. 14, 20

DPW Engineering Chief Heather Blakely, partly hidden second from left, explains what the project will do to fix erosion problems at Torrey Road’s Dean Brook crossing as Conservation Commissioners Maureen Doyle, Ken Pickren and Wendell Barthelmes listen. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
September 12, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — With the opening of the new middle/high school on Torrey Road, a large part of the community has been discovering what was once a fairly quiet corner of town.

Some might even be venturing beyond the school. If they have, though, they've quickly found the rest of Torrey Road is in terrible condition – a cracked patchwork of pavement and potholes, eroding edges, and rivers of sandy runoff whenever it rains.

That will be changing soon, if DPW Director Thomas Daley and Engineer Heather Blakely have their way.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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