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'More questions than answers' with docks and moorings

This small dock and boat placed on a parcel of town-owned property on Glen Echo Lake has opened up a Pandora’s Box as officials recently found they have no policies in place for its regulation. Amanda Collins. (click for larger version)
September 10, 2012
CHARLTON — Town officials are grappling with how to handle a resident's complaint about an unauthorized dock and moored boat on Glen Echo Lake after realizing that no town bylaw exists that would either allow or forbid it.

Andrew Ethier, who resides on the lake, recently complained to police about a dock that had been installed on a town-owned public access way between his property at 83 Sunset Drive and his neighbor's, at 77 Sunset Drive, where a 21-foot boat was also moored.

According to Ethier, the dock, mooring and boat, all owned and installed in by William Woodard, who lives across the street from the lake at 8 Westview Drive, impede public access and invade his property, because the boat swings into the water in front his home, obstructing his use and view of the lake.

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