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Noise bylaw in the works in Charlton

'It's becoming more and more of an issue'

September 10, 2012
CHARLTON — Hoping to give local law enforcement clear-cut policies regarding unreasonable noise in town, the Noise Ordinance Committee is looking to nearby municipalities that have recently passed laws regulating noise as they draft a noise bylaw to put in front of town meeting voters next spring.

"There's nothing definitive in town, and it is an issue," Police Chief James Pervier said of the town's current lack of a noise ordinance. He said despite Charlton being a rural residential town, noise is a problem, citing an extreme case in which he said a resident on Ramshorn Road used loud heavy equipment to work on his house at late hours so incessantly that it eventually caused his neighbors to move. Most recently, a 700-person rave held at Ye Olde Commons on Northside Road in July with two outdoor stages kept neighbors up all night. Pervier said the lack of a policy in town means his officers don't have much ground to stand on when responding to noise complaints.

"As Charlton grows it's becoming more and more of an issue. There has to be something reasonable we can do," he said.

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