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All in the family

Reunion planned for relatives with local ties

Jackie Servant Hemeon, left, and Sue Servant display some of the 400 photos they’ve rounded up for Saturday’s family reunion. (click for larger version)
September 06, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — "Servants? Oh, there are thousands of them!"

Think that's an exaggeration? Try not to wear yourself out counting!

The best place to attempt that counting, in any case, is definitely in Southbridge, and the best time for doing so is this weekend, when more than 100 members of the extended Servant clan will be gathering in town for a family reunion. "We used to do it every year, but it's been a while now," says Suzanne Servant (Marianhill Central Catholic High School Class of 1966). Now in her 60s, she's in the middle of the whole thing – from every conceivable perspective.

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