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National Grid cites 'enhancements,' rate filing 'likely'

State still reviewing potential fine

September 04, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — One year after Hurricane Irene caused power outages across the Northeast and as Hurricane Isaac is soaking Louisiana, National Grid is claiming it has implemented changes to "be better prepared for what Mother Nature may bring."

But it has also filed for rate hikes in Rhode Island to cover storm response costs, and already had active rate hike requests being processed there and in New York state that are slated to take effect next year, according to multiple online newspapers.

"We haven't yet filed anything related to storm cost recovery in Massachusetts," said spokeswoman Deborah Drew. "We likely would. … We file for rates when we need to update costs based on revenue requirements."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

Savinis Pomodoro
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