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Group investigating possible voter fraud in Brimfield

'Way too many discrepancies in the voting process'

September 03, 2012
BRIMFIELD — Following an investigation by an anonymous group of residents, questions have surfaced regarding possible fraudulent voter registrations and counting practices at the June 4 annual town election.

The residents discovered that several individuals documented as having voted in the election are not featured on the town street listing or in the White Pages. According to the voter list, multiple residents with different surnames living at a Dunhamtown Palmer Road residence voted in the election, three of which were absentee voters. However, only two of the individuals appear in the White Pages and on the street listing. In addition, investigators revealed that three other voters supposedly residing at the property are linked to the two listed homeowners via a social networking website.

Because they assumed that the three suspicious individuals might have been renters living at the Dunhamtown Palmer Road home, investigators drove by the property and observed that it looked far too small to serve as a rental building. After further research of the connection between the two homeowners and the other three voters on the social networking website, investigators noticed that two of them live in North Attleboro and have different middle initials than the ones appearing on the voter list in Brimfield. There is also information on one person's social networking profile indicating that the individual graduated from Tantasqua Regional High School in 1996.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

Savinis Pomodoro
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