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Seeking help, support for bipolar kids

Local mom warns of dangers of 'suicidal condition'

Arelys Torres, of Southbridge, is eager to create a support group in town for parents and families dealing with children, like her son Raymond, 9, diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Mark Ashton. (click for larger version)
July 26, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — Like most mothers, Arelys Torres is concerned about her children – even defensive and protective, especially when one is "picked on" or singled out for ridicule or what she considers mistreatment.

She's like a mother bear and her cub, in fact, with 9-year-old Raymond, who until recently was the target of taunts and dismissive treatment by teachers and other adults, says Torres — not to mention having to deal with the demons associated with bipolar disorder, a potentially life-threatening mental illness.

"I'm trying to create a bipolar awareness group," says Torres. "There's nothing in this town or neighboring towns to help me deal with it."

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