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Neighbors looking forward to Route 169/131 project

Work starts Aug. 3, should take a year

Traffic flows through the present intersection, which is officially being closed Aug. 3. After that, all traffic will have to use Route 131 instead of 169, with a detour via Ashland Avenue for those going to Woodstock or the Golf-Jennison-Old North Woodstock neighborhood. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
July 26, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — After several years of planning, drivers along Route 131 and 169 have noticed there's finally work happening at the intersection of the two roads.

Businesses nearby welcome that, almost unanimously arguing switching the intersection to a T will improve safety even if it's a bit inconvenient in the short-term.

"It will eliminate an intersection that's been a nuisance for the 38 years I've been here," said Dick Gervasi, owner of Ideal Pools. "… To get something good, you have to go through something bad."

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