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Turning poison into medicine

Local man trying to form Buddhist group

July 10, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — As people who have read this newspaper may know, Dan Pellegrini's life has thrown him a series of challenges, culminating in the car accident that left his daughter Justine with a traumatic brain injury two years ago.

"I began feeling very lost with it all," he admits. "I just felt spiritually spent. The god thing's not doing it for me anymore."

By that, Pellegrini means he fell away from mainstream religion (in his case, Catholicism) seeking for something else that would, as he put it, "take the poison I had and turn it into medicine." He found it in a branch of Buddhism called Nichiren, named after a 13th Century Japanese monk who translated an even more ancient text called the Lotus Sutra.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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